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Gap: A break or opening, as in a fence, wall, or military line. An interval of
          time during which an action or events stops occurring!

Bridge: Two points of interest coming together to form a passage over a gap
              or barrier that provides a link, connection, or means of coming

What is this Gap? The gap of Love, Peace, Understanding, Forgiveness, Trust, and Unity.

Persecution is a fact of life for true followers of Christ. If a person truly believes in Jesus Christ, he will live a righteous and holy life, keeping the commandments of God. But most people want little to do with God's commandments, with holy and righteous living.

God's commandments demand that we live lives of unselfishness and service, but most people want to do what they want when they want. Few of us are willing to serve others wholeheartedly, giving sacrificially to meet the desperate needs of the world.

Few of us are willing to Love sacrificially, upholding others to the point of hurting ourselves. Few of us are willing to lay aside our Prejudices, embracing those who are different, those who are poorer, less educated, less attractive or those of a different social class. How many of us are willing to truly love those who hate and despise us?


  1. Strategy 1----ridicule, mockery.
  2. Strategy 2----conspiring, plotting to attack.
  3. Strategy 3----discouragement and fatigue.
  4. Strategy 4----fear, threats, intimidation.

What is our response when people curse and verbally abuse us or slander and spread rumors about us? What is our response when others ridicule or mock us, assault us or attack our character, or even murder a love one? Do we love only those who love us? Or do we love everyone in the name of Jesus Christ?

The prophet Amos asked a question that put us back into perspective. "How can two walk together except they be agreed?"

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Sunday School 9:30am
Morning Worship 10:45am

1st Monday Matron Meeting 6:00pm
2nd Monday Missionary Meeting 6:00pm
3rd Monday Women's Ministry 6:00pm

Wednesday Bible Study 6:00pm
Thursday Intercessory Prayer 12:00 (noon)

2nd and 4th Saturday
Intercessory Prayer 8:00am

4th Saturday Brotherhood 9:00am

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Webb, Alabama 36376

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